Most Legit Esports Betting Sites for 2019

Esports betting is an up and coming genre of sports betting. Following the emergence of its sports betting debut, many online betting sites have organized their own esports bookmaking sections. Here, we'll explain to you why picking the correct betting site for esports is just as crucial as understanding the concepts of each game.

Knowing which betting sites hold the best value for betting esports is absolutely crucial to impacting your betting strategy.

We take pride in offering you the best in esports betting sites. All of the previously mentioned betting sites have been reviewed and tested by our resident experts at These experts are well practiced in esports games and know how to find the best esports betting lines within each of our reviewed betting websites. Upon comparison within our database of reviews, these are the best sites available right now in your area, offering the best lines for esports wagering for you to choose from:

Rank Betting SiteSign Up BonusGet Started
#122bet22bet100% up to €122Visit Site
#2Spin SportsSpin Sports100% up to €200Visit Site
#3888sport888sport100% up to €100Visit Site
#4Betway SportsBetway Sports100% up to €30Visit Site

Finding the right bookmaker can be an arduous process, full of guessing and second guessing yourself, hoping you're choosing the best sites to play on but never really knowing. At, we've streamlined this process for you!

We've already listed the top rated sites to bet esports online. While there are many sites that support esport bettings, these sites meet and exceed our standards of excellence for esports betting. Each of the above-mentioned sites is capable of delivering you a satisfactory experience when it comes to all of your esports questions, comments, concerns, and needs.

Every one of the above-recommended sites is a proven payout provider! It's plain and simple: this means that you can count on these sites to pay you the money they owe you. Multiple payment processing options provide you with the control to get your money back quickly and by the easiest withdrawal methods of your choosing.

Why You Should Use Legit Betting Sites

Getting your money back quickly should always be a top priority when dealing with internet bookmakers and online casinos. If you have ever been scammed from a betting site, or not received your payout for multiple weeks (or months in some cases), then you know all too well the pain I speak of. Nothing hurts more than putting in countless hours analyzing your bets, watching the games, and being correct only to find that there's no light at the end of the tunnel when you want to remove your winnings; there is no money.

It's a gut-wrenching feeling, but it comes with the territory of possibilities when you choose to play on unknown/semi-shady betting sites. We're looking for legit betting sites; we want to find a betting site that boasts in their company as well as their list of games.

Online Casino Loyalty:

The quicker you get your payout, the more likely you are to use the casino again and become a repeat customer.

There are plenty of reasons to do your own website research as well, but we are confident we have done the bulk of the research for you. One you take a look at a few reasons we think you should consider these sites over the competition, we think you'll understand that our experts know precisely what they're talking about when they recommend these sites.

Most Importantly:


  • They lead the online casino industry in performance software standards.
  • They have vetted, legit betting site reputations.
  • They have a proven track record of paying their casino patrons in a fast, efficient manner of their choosing.
  • They have valuable deposit bonuses and weekly player rewards programs.
  • They have extremely inviting VIP Organizations that make every bettor feel like a high roller.
  • They offer larger maximum bet limits than most other websites.
  • Our own resident experts trust and use these sites personally!

About Our Rankings

These sites have all scored extremely high marks in our ranking framework and qualifications department. Those qualifications are the biggest factors and stipulations that need to be met when being considered for ranking in the top of the esports betting websites. Once a site achieves this recommendation ranking, it must continue to fight to stay listed above the other esports betting websites. Of our ten sports betting website guidelines, there are five specific guidelines that are most important to esports betting.

Safety & Security
Safety & Security

Safety and security of your currency should always be your #1 priority when choosing any esports betting site. All of our recommended sites meet and exceed our trust and reliability standards.

Deposit Options
Deposit Options

The more deposit options an esports betting site has typically means there is a good provider helping the website process payments. It's a win/win situation because it also provides you with multiple options for depositing into the website.

Bonuses & Rewards
Bonuses & Rewards

We all need something to keep us around, interested, and looking to the future of esports betting. Websites that provide excellent bonuses and rewards catapult themselves above the competition.

Speed of Withdrawals
Speed of Withdrawals

Arguably the most important factor for any betting site, the speed of withdrawals is particularly important when it comes to esports. Websites that pay-out your withdrawal requests quicker than the competition are more valuable.

Reputation & History
Reputation & History

The reputation and history of a website is an important factor when considering the longevity of the site as well as its ability to keep its clientele happy and returning.

Choosing A Betting Site | Best Bonuses & Promotions

For the casual bettor, picking the right promotional offer or deposit bonus is the most alluring factor when picking the best betting sites to wager on esports. Bookmaker betting lines may vary from website to website, but most of the bookmaker lines will be eerily similar to each other. So unless you plan to wager huge amounts on esports (which isn't possible currently), the best advice we can give you is to pick a betting site that offers an attractive bonus.

The best esports bonuses come from the biggest bookmakers and their closest competitors. The old adage ‘the rich get richer' is definitely applicable to the betting business. As each of these bookmakers grows larger, they're able to fund ever increasing (or at least steadily maintain) deposit bonus offers for their potential customers.

When analyzing and considering the best esports betting site to play at, the mark of a good bettor and online bookmaker lines is answering the question, 'How much of a return can be made on the initial deposit?' must be one of the priority factors to consider. With esports, we're focusing on making immediate money; that's our number one factor when choosing an esports betting site…

We're looking for a large deposit bonus offer!


$500 deposit bonus match when you use Bitcoin!

$250 deposit bonus match when using all other cashier methods for sports wagers.

Bovada has one of the best deposit bonuses on the internet today. Couple that fact with the unparalleled customer service mentioned in our expert review of Bovada, and there's little room for doubt that this is one of the best sites to make a deposit on esports. Bovada also sports an excellent range of esports betting categories to choose from.

The customer support team is responsive and timely to all esports deposit method questions and further inquiries pertaining to the bonuses the betting site currently offers. These initial deposit matches are subject to play-through requirements; meaning you will have to "play through" the minimum required bet amount to unlock each tier of the bonus reward. Basically, you won't be getting all the money upfront after your deposit.


£50 free bet bonus when you deposit for the first time!

Betway also has a great deposit bonus offer, but it's a bit different than the previously mentioned bonus. When paired with our expert review of Betway, it's easy to understand why this is a valuable bonus to be considered. This bonus grants you access to your awarded funds immediately after depositing; there aren't any play-through requirements.

Download the software, sign up, and get a free £50 bet when you make your first deposit – it really is that easy! This is another reason Betway scores high marks with our resident experts at; they are an excellent UK site to start your esports betting career.

Choosing the best deposit bonus for you can be a slippery slope. Questions like 'Which site has the best play-through requirements?' and ‘Which sites offer the best promotions?' can quickly spiral into uncertainty, creating internal self-doubt. Don't let that be the case for you! The path to becoming a successful esports gambler (whether recreational or professional) is planning. A well-laid plan is worth its time in money; take that to the bank.

By utilizing those same principles, we want to plan well for our money which means finding the site that offers the most "bang for your buck" when we initially deposit. Many sites have the same deposit bonus offers too; when it comes to cases like this, our resident experts at have compiled a list of site reviews for most major online betting sites.

First Person Shooter Skins Betting Sites

If you're a Counter-Strike player or have ever encountered one, you know it's all about your street credibility within the game. Everyone wants to know whose weapon blings the brightest, and who's got the newest gun pattern? They are the tidbits of happiness that keep the game fun and fresh for the gamers playing them. Usually unlocked as parts of reward systems, these tradable items are called weapon ‘skins.' Now, there has become a market for these skins between gamers.

Amongst these gamers, obtaining the rarest skin types and colors are badges of pride. It means that some way (albeit complete luck in most cases) you have managed to receive something that other gamers covet, presumably increasing your personal value to the video game community…somehow.

Enter Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) skin betting sites like:


This is one of the most popular sub-categories of esports betting. People who play the first-person shooter game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive will definitely know what weapon skins are. If you're like most of the world, you might not know what it is. Weapon skins are rewards (think of them like bonuses) for playing the game.

They are disseminated to the gamers playing based on a lottery system within the game. The rarer the skin is, the less likely you will actually acquire it when playing through the different game levels. It's a number based game; the more rare skin items throughout the game are constantly sought after but only occasional found.

It is only a matter of time before we also begin to see skins betting emerge on other popularized first-person shooter games, such as Battlefield or the Halo shooter series. Skins have been around FPS games for almost as long as the genre has been around. Now, by gambling for them, skin bettors have discovered an expedited way to obtain the weapon skins they want to play in the game with.

Skin betting is a streamlined gambling process that removes hours and hours of tedious gameplay; it removes the non-fun aspects of skin grinding. Without conveniences like skins betting, gamers are forced to continuously play the game just for a chance to win their favorite color, patterned, or themed weapon skin.

That's why you see many gamers turning to gambling sites that offer CS: GO skin betting. For them, it's not about making money at all; it's about getting what they want. They want to impress their friends and maintain their bragging rights. And that's cool; we get that side of betting here at too. We never forget it's all about having fun first.

Right now it's not possible to bet real money on ‘skins gambling.'

It's impossible for the dollar figure associated with each weapon ‘skin' to be removed from the CS: GO skin betting site. That dollar figure isn't how much you will be receiving from cashing out that gun skin; that's the price for how much it costs to buy the skin directly from the betting site. It just so happened to serve as a reference point for how rare the CG: GO weapon skin is.

It's a system that you can buy-in to but not something you can cash-out of. You are basically purchasing fake monopoly money with your real money, then gambling with the fake money, hoping to get lucky enough to win a shiny (or sometimes glowing) gun skin pattern for your weapon.

Esports Banner

Picking the Right Betting Site

When it comes to picking the right betting site to begin wagering at, it's apparent that not every shoe size fits everyone in the store. If that analogy didn't help then there are a couple of other ways to explain it as well. The novice bettors usually notice what appeals to them; things like the graphics of the betting site, or the layout and structure of games offered. And while all those aspects are important, they fail to reach further than skin deep


Not every bettor thinks alike and that doesn't mean that one preference is more right than the other. Unless they both know what to look for, usually, they're both equally wrong.

There are multiple variables that need to be considered before choosing which site you should be risking your money at, and when it comes to betting esports there isn't much of an exception. Despite its incredible popularity, esports is a brand new sports betting genre and hasn't yet established itself within the betting world. Keeping that in mind, we're going to highlight a few key things to look for and principles to stick to when you are searching for your own personal "perfect esports betting site."

  • 1Look for a site that offers a large deposit bonus match, promotional offer, or free bet.
  • 2Pick a reputable esports betting site based off of proven payout track records from the bookmaker.
  • 3Shop and compare each bookmaker's esports lines before choosing a site to deposit into.
  • 4Find betting sites that have the smallest play-through requirements to receive your bonuses.

You don't have to like a site just because it's popular and everyone else is using it. Sometimes that might even detract from how lucrative you may become in the long run, depending on the game you are playing. However, as it relates to esports, picking the larger sites is definitely the route you want to take. Gambling on esports with smaller sites is a risk; why take that risk when you can mitigate it with a few simple steps?

We suggest that you begin preferring a betting site because of how well the customer service reviews indicate them to be.

Each of the previously mentioned aspects can be expanded and elaborated upon (in other sections of the site), however, we'll spare you our rambling and let you read through the rest of our guide as it pertains to esports betting.

Is Esports Betting Legal?

Knowing how and where to make your first bet on esports is just as important as understanding the legality behind betting esports in your geographical location. Make sure to check our compiled list of regulating gambling laws for your local area before choosing which sites to bet online. Some sites may not be allowed in your area, limiting your selection. The above-mentioned gambling laws link will dispel any rumors you may have heard about internet gambling in your area., alongside legal advice from experts in the field of lawmaking, have provided an explanatory guide to the legality of online betting in every state.

As of current, with some exceptions, there are not that many rules in the United States regarding online betting, specifically and esports. That makes the legality of wagering on esports comparable to the Wild West. In keeping with that analogy, regarding the betting, lawmakers are trying to tame the Wild West internet bettors in order to implement their own regulatory system. This procedure helps those lawmakers thwart money laundering attempts from criminals while also ensuring the newly made laws help states earn revenue from esports betting.

Speaking of the Wild West, it's the state of Nevada who's pioneering the way for esports gamers to bet on their favorite teams. Undoubtedly, the large and popular tourist attraction of Las Vegas Strip casinos is driving this esports lawmaking process. Internet gambling laws will soon follow state-sanctioned NGCB (Nevada Gaming Control Board) decisions. On the cusp of March of 2017, both the NGCB and the ESIC (Esports Integrity Coalition, established in 2016) signed an esports Memorandum of Understanding between each agency.

This MOU shares information between agencies that relates to suspicious betting activities, unlawful player activities, and match manipulation resulting in fraud. It's the ESIC that's charged with maintaining player, team, league, and tournament integrity. The NGCB approves each new esports tournament on a first come, first served basis as it relates to Nevada Gaming Law. As it sits currently (27 MAY 2017), even the NGCB Chairman, A.G. Burnett is quoted saying:

Notable Quote:

"There is nothing in the (Nevada) state statutes that prevents wagering on esports events." – A.G. Burnett (Nevada Gaming Control Board Chairman)

One incredibly interesting aspect regarding all of the esports betting is the potential for it to become a pari-mutuel; pari-mutuels split the costs amongst all the bookmakers evenly. This eliminates the need for low limit wagering due to high variability… or in layman's terms, there's no big risk to any bookmaker because they all share an even stake in the losses or gains. This allows for bigger and more profitable wagering possibilities by eliminating a maximum bet amount. Much like horseracing, an esports bettor would be able to wager as much as he wants on whichever player or team they think will be the winner!

Esports Betting Popularity

At this point in time, it's fair to say that esports are here to stay. You can count on them becoming a permanent fixture in the sports, not to mention the betting world. The esports popularity scene is wildly contagious amongst the younger Millennial Generation; they are the driving force behind the sport's fan-base.

Every young person (nowadays more than ever) is introduced to a technologically different world than any other previous generation. With an ever increasing younger generation, and even faster growing electronic technology, esports may soon even overtake the more notable sports on television in mainstream popularity in the coming years.

The current popularity of esports, as a spectator sport, is easily comparable to the Super Bowl's television ratings. Recent League of Legends (LoL) tournament viewers recorded numbers boasting above 40 million viewers at one time! Esports is currently not scheduled for any major broadcasting network to televise their tournaments which allow independent media companies like Twitch able to capitalize on the budding market before the bigger media competition comes to take its own piece of the pie. With so many viewers and interested parties watching, a demand for betting on esports was inevitable.

Betting sites began catching on and have slowly tried to develop their own bookmaking processes, learning how to regulate and balance the odds-making aspect of esports. As it sits currently, betting limits on esports are noticeably low when compared to the other major sports in the public eye.

Part of that reason comes from a lack of steady statistics on professional esports players and teams as well as the volatility of the profession; gamers don't have a "prime" in their career like other athletes tend to have in theirs. Another part of the reason is the overwhelming lack of bookmaking experts on the esports subject. Again, it's like the Wild West of the uncharted sports betting world.

Eventually, esports betting will be as popular with your local bookie as football, basketball, and baseball are; the writing is on the wall. The budding electronic sport is spreading like wildfire and has already dominated most of Asia and Europe – the top two continents that house more esports bettors than the rest of the world.

So far in the juncture, America is the untapped market. As unlikely as that last statement sounded, it's the truth; esports is wildly more popular amongst people within Eurasia. It will catch on fast, and some argue that it already has. In the state of Nevada, esports arenas are being constructed with schools in mind. There are even talks of esports scholarship opportunities on the horizon. The sports genre has finally welcomed video games and opened its gym doors to esports fans.

In similar fashion, bettors are now looking to capitalize too!

FAQ | Esports Betting Sites

We get it. It's not that you don't want to dive into everything, you're just smart. You've got some important questions you need to be answered first. Well, you've made it all the way to the Frequently Asked Questions portion of this page. We attempted to answer all the questions throughout, but hopefully, we'll be able to answer a few of the straggling questions that may remain with you.

Is it actually legal to bet on esports where I live?

It's not illegal. There are no internet laws that currently prohibit legally gambling on electronic sports avatars controlled by humanoid persons. Nevertheless, legally speaking, esports is being treated as a sports betting platform and with that comes regulations. Whether these regulations apply to you or not is individually governed by your local area's decision makers. As always, check your state's gaming laws before betting online.

If you should find that for some odd reason it is illegal in your state then write a letter to your congressmen or leader detailing why esports betting would be a good decision for your area. You may land yourself a job!

Does any online bookmaker accept betting on esports with Bitcoin?

Yes, there are some bookmakers that actually reward you for using Bitcoin at their betting sites in the form of deposit bonuses. Bitcoin is available to anyone willing to sign up for an account and meet a few requirements. Be sure to reference our site reviews for when choosing which online casino to gamble at; they will make special mention if an online bookmaker which accepts the new digital currency.

How can I find the best site to bet on esports?

Seriously? You're here, look no further! Giving you the top rated sites and organizing them by their rankings is what we specialize in doing here at

We pride ourselves on being able to give you accurate reviews and honest opinions from our experts. If you've heard of a particular site from your friends, chances are we have a site review on it. When it comes to choosing the right betting site, it pays to read which are the best and why!

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