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There is nothing quite like the feeling when you make a 1v3 clutch to complete a marvelous comeback in front of your four best friends... And Valve's Counter-Strike: Global Offensive perfectly sums it up in a genuinely awesome package.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) is the most popular FPS game at the moment. We're talking about pure FPS games, though - none of those battle royale titles come into play here. In fact, there's not that much competition for Counter-Strike, either, at least when it comes to its popularity in the esports industry.

You see, Call of Duty and Battlefield aren't really having the best time on the esports scene, most likely because their gameplay elements are not as simple yet comprehensive as those of CS:GO. Rainbow Six Siege is coming up in the world, but it's still not hitting as big as CS:GO at the moment.

And there's even more to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive than meets the eye at the very first glance.

Together with a huge esports influence and worldwide popularity came other supporting business models. One of the most notable specimens is the esports betting industry, which has been racking up exponential growth over the last few years. Let's face it; that's what our website is all about, so it doesn't take a genius to reckon where this is going.

Chances are you've found our website because of your interest in CS:GO betting. If that is really the case, you will be thrilled when we tell you that we've got just what you crave! The best CS:GO betting sites are all in one place. We took several criteria into account when making our picks, so you can rest assured that they're as good as it gets.

With that being said, here are the top CS:GO betting sites for 2019:

Rank Betting SiteSign Up BonusGet Started
#1Betway SportsBetway Sports€30 Free BetVisit Site
#222bet22bet100% up to €122Visit Site
#3Spin SportsSpin Sports100% up to €200Visit Site

The Best CS:GO Betting Sites at the Moment

We'd like to state that the best CS:GO betting sites are quite tricky to find. There's so much competition in the industry, so the bad bookies manage to overwhelm the good ones.

However, as we stated above - most importantly - the sites we've recommended are all 100% legit, meaning you are getting the best betting experience out there. With that in mind, here's the list of our picks for the best CS:GO betting sites followed by brief criteria explanations.

Customer Support

Customer support probably won't be the thing you're most interested in when picking out the best esports bookie out there. Still, it is a noteworthy factor that needs to be taken into account if you want to make a solid decision. With that said, we recommend only choosing bookies that have plenty of customer support channels as well as fast response times and well-trained staff.


The lower the fees are, the better the esports betting website is. It's as simple as that! You will stumble upon transaction fees on virtually all bookies out there. It's on you to choose the ones with the lowest rates, though. Different withdrawal methods yield different results, so make sure you do your research... Or you can just pick one of our best choices from the table located down below.

Payment Options

Withdrawals and deposits are a crucial factor of every online bookmaker, no matter if we're talking about sports or esports. A comprehensive list of available payment options allows more clients to have a hassle-free experience on the website. Among the most popular online paying methods are Skrill and direct credit card deposits. Many sites also offer a variety of regional banking methods.

Website Experience

This one goes without question - the fluidity of a betting website can make it or break it. Disregard the odds, markets, fees, and withdrawal options - if a certain bookie excels in all those departments but has a horrific on-site user experience, chances are high its profits will suffer. A fluid website equals plenty of satisfied customers - it sounds simple but can be tricky to accomplish.

Differences Between Betting on CS:GO and Other Esports

Betting on football is vastly different than betting on, for example, basketball or boxing matches. Driven by that logic, it's safe to conclude different esports titles are vastly different, too, not just in terms of gameplay but in terms of betting as well.

Dota 2 and League of Legends Betting

Dota 2 and LoL are the world's most popular MOBA games; there's no point denying it. But it's still worth stating that their betting markets are vastly different even though we're talking about two games from the same genre. Special bets are roughly the same, but considering the tournament organization is miles apart with these two, the betting markets are different as well.

While Dota 2 focuses more on several huge tournaments throughout the year, LoL attracts teams and fans in a series of leagues throughout the world. This means League of Legends match betting coverage is pretty much present all year round, while Dota 2 coverage is much more scattered around.

CS:GO Betting

And finally - CS:GO betting. The tournament organization is somewhere in the middle between Dota 2 and LoL. There are league-like events that last for longer periods of time, but the main ones are still proper tournaments.


Plus, there is plenty of them, so you can rest assured that you will have something to bet on no matter when your CS:GO betting cravings kick into action.

How to Bet on CS:GO - How WE Bet on CS:GO

The best Counter-Strike: Global Offensive betting sites have plenty of markets to offer, high betting odds, and plenty of special bets, but what they usually lack are proper explanations on how to bet on specific games. We don't know if a single esports betting website has a proper section dedicated to real information about CS:GO betting.

But don't you worry, guys - that's why we're here! Plus, we won't bore you to death with fake information, which is the case with some bookies (no worries; we will not be name-calling here). It won't take us too long to get straight to the point. Well, technically... two points. So, let's just go straight to them.

Do the Research

If you aim to bet on, for example, football, the first thing you will probably do is check the table of the league you wish to bet on. Then, you will most likely further examine specific teams, their recent stats, form, player injuries, and all that good stuff.

Such a research process works for CS:GO (and esports in general) betting, too. True, injuries are extremely rare, but everything else in terms of statistics is readily available online. That leads us to another subject - choosing the right website to do stats research for CS:GO.

If you ask us, the best options are and GosuGamers. They have the most recently updated stats, the freshest news, and the most information available per team and per player.

Come Up with a Proper Betting Strategy

Once you've nailed your pre-betting research, there's another equally important (some would say it's more important) thing to consider - your betting strategy! If you are serious about your esports betting hobby, going all-in each and every time might not be the best long-term strategy.

Combining single and accumulator wagers, mixing up bet amounts, changing the strategy with several consecutive losses or wins... all of these things can be a part of your very own betting strategy. With that said, it's definitely worth taking time and developing it, as it could help your bank account in the grand scheme of things.

Check out our esports betting strategy if you want more details on the topic!

CS:GO Special Bets

The best CS:GO betting sites feature comprehensive lists of special bets for various esports titles. Let's take a quick look at the most common CS:GO special bets and see how you can make a potential profit with them. If you'd like a more detailed look at these special bets then please visit our page dedicated to CS:GO special bets.

Knife/Pistol Round

Depending on the tournament, CS:GO matches will usually start with either knife or pistol rounds. If you like your bets short, packed with action, and competitive to the very last second, then these two Counter-Strike: Global Offensive special bets are all for you.

The matter at hand is quite simple - you bet on the team that you think will win the initial knife or pistol round. If you get it correctly, you win the bet and don't even have to watch the rest of the match.

Maps/Rounds Over/Under

If we are talking about Bo1 matches, the most common special bets will be rounds over/under. In other words, the bet will specify an estimated number of rounds, and you'll have to decide whether the actual round count will be higher or lower than that number.

Similarly, in Bo3 and Bo5 matches, you will also see maps over/under bets. It's basically the same thing but related to maps instead of rounds. It's an interesting bet to add to your esports betting strategy!

Team with Most Kills

You can disregard the final outcome of a certain match/map and only bet on the number of kills your chosen team will have. They can even lose as long as they have more kills than their opponents at the end of the match.

Most of the time, the team with the most kills will win the matchup, but it won't always happen that way, so make sure you do your research beforehand if you want the best chance of nailing this special bet correctly!

First to XX Rounds

First to 5 and first to 10 rounds is a pretty popular type of special CS:GO bet that's been spreading like flu. First, it was only available on some of the biggest esports sportsbooks, but nowadays, virtually all notable names have it.

It's a pretty straightforward bet, too - you choose the team that you believe will win the designated number of rounds before their opponents. If your guess is correct, you win the bet - it's as simple as that!

Why Is CS:GO Betting so Popular These Days?

There are numerous reasons for the sudden rise in popularity of CS:GO betting. In fact, there are numerous reasons for the sudden rise in popularity of esports betting in general.


The esports industry has cemented itself on the mainstream stage with the likes of esports betting following in its pace. But let's not forget what a wonderful job the best CS:GO betting sites are doing at the moment!

There's no doubt that Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is among the most popular games to bet on. In fact, there's so much money involved in it that rough estimates can't even be properly calculated. And don't even get us started on the fans... They are located all over the world and are turning our favorite FPS game into a worldwide phenomenon.

So, with all that taken into consideration, let's get into the actual reasons behind CS:GO betting popularity!

Millennials Are Becoming Independent

Millennials are becoming the next-gen workforce and starting to earn their bread with their skillsets. What does this have to do with CS:GO betting? Well, now that they have a steady income, they need to spend it somewhere... And since video games are so popular these days (as popular as sports are for baby boomers or Generation X), it's only logical to see the entire esports industry booming like crazy.

The Esports Industry Is Entering Its Mature Stage

The esports industry is still developing; there is no doubt about that. But there is also no doubt that the esports industry is already out of its beginning stages. In other words, it's been out there for far too long to be considered a seasonal phase. On the contrary - esports is proving to be a true worldwide phenomenon, captivating crowds all around the globe. Realistically speaking, the same goes for CSGO.

Online Betting Is Becoming More Popular Than Ever

Ten years ago, just a small fraction of people were indulging in online betting on regular sports. Nowadays, with the rapid improvements in technology and with the internet being readily available pretty much everywhere in the world, people's habits are changing, too. People's betting habits, to be more precise. Online betting is a booming industry, and with it, esports betting isn't far behind.

Biggest CS:GO Seasonal Events

The biggest Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournaments always attract lots of attention from fans all over the globe. Esports betting enthusiasts are among them, too, waiting for the best betting odds from their favorite esports betting sites.

And it's true - esports bookmakers go all in during big tournaments with small profit margins on odds and plenty of market coverage. In other words, more things to bet on with higher odds. So, with that being out on the table, let's take a closer look at the biggest CS:GO seasonal events so that you can clear your schedule... and save up some money.


With nine huge tournaments already held from 2016 to 2018, ELEAGUE is turning out to be a major player in the CS:GO esports scene. In 2018, they hosted two top-tier CS:GO tournaments - Boston Major and ELEAGUE Premier 2018. Both tournaments had $1,000,000 in prize pool money, which just goes to show their premium class.

Valve Majors

Valve usually hosts a few of their "Majors." In 2018, they organized the Boston Major (hosted by ELEAGUE) and London Major (hosted by FACEIT). With only the best of the best professional CS:GO teams competing at this level, competitiveness and high-skilled plays are guaranteed... And so are good odds from virtually all esports betting sites out there.


DreamHack is one of the oldest names in the entire esports industry. It's a household name, some would say. And it's true - DreamHack dates all the way back to 1994. Today, we are talking about one of the (if not the) biggest names featuring tons of esports tournaments each season.


ESL One is another prestigious name in the esports tournament organization industry that is played several times per year. They are not limited only to CS:GO but offer other top-tier esports games, too. As for CS:GO events, the most notable ones are surely Cologne and New York. The prize pools are solid, too, but not at the level of ELEAGUE or Valve Majors.

How Much Money Is Involved in CSGO Betting?

It's difficult to estimate how much money is involved in the CS:GO betting scene. However, the overall numbers are a good starting point, so it's only logical to start out by stating them.

In 2015, statistics showed that esports betting wagers totaled up to an incredible 315 million USD. The future expectations are even crazier. By 2020, experts believe there will be more than 20 billion USD worth in esports betting wagers on a global scale.

Another aspect we should be talking about here is skin betting. CS:GO is one of the most popular games as far as skin betting is concerned. Thus, it's only logical to crunch some numbers yet again.

Unfortunately, since skin betting is so dispersed, there's not even a rough estimate of the amount of money involved in it. However, if you want to learn more about CS:GO skin betting, plenty of information is available in the next couple of paragraphs!

Skin Betting Should Not Be Forgotten, Either

Even though some deem it controversial and illegal, skin betting is still a close competitor to proper esports betting. Let us rephrase that real fast - skin betting is not really a competitor so much as a part of the whole esports betting experience.

It's a different cup of tea, and many people seem to be enjoying it more than real money esports betting. Why is that so? Well, the most obvious reason would be the fact that skin betting doesn't revolve around real money. Instead, as its name suggests, you are supposed to bet your in-game skins to get more in-game skins.

At the moment, the two most popular games that actually have a strong skin betting scene are CS:GO and Dota 2. Both are made by Valve, and both are available on Steam. Coincidence? Of course not! This is completely logical considering Steam is not just a video game purchasing platform but a video game community, marketplace, testing facility, and much more. The marketplace aspect is carrying skin betting with CS:GO and Dota 2.

Wrapping Things Up...

We've given you all the information tied to the best CS:GO betting sites out there, and we sincerely hope that info helped you pick the right one to turn a profit and enjoy your CS:GO betting! In the end, we would like to thank you all for reading, and we hope to see you again soon!

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