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There's no point in denying it - Overwatch is a booming market that's been racking up impressive numbers lately. It's a relatively new game which makes its rise to the top even more appealing to the crowds. This action-packed title takes only the best things from MOBA and FPS games. And we all know those two genres are the most popular ones in the industry. With that being said - Overwatch, as their love child, was destined for success ever since its release date.

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We are talking about the newest top-tier esports franchise here. If we are to be more precise, Overwatch was released on the 24th of May in 2016. Fast forward two years and it's already in the top five esports franchises in terms of popularity. If that's not a top-notch feat, then we don't know what is.

With all that in mind, it's not surprising to see a betting community forming together with the growth of Overwatch. While it's still not at the level of LoL, CS:GO, or Dota 2, the Overwatch betting scene is showing signs of flourishing. That's why we decided to bring forth a detailed list of the best Overwatch betting sites for everyone interested. So, if you're having difficulties with finding the optimal Overwatch bookie, let's settle your doubts once and for all!

Picking the Best Overwatch Betting Sites

Instead of blindly picking the most popular esports bookies out there, we decided to cater our list specifically toward Overwatch bettors. With that being said, here's a quick guide through our process of picking the best Overwatch betting sites currently available:

Overwatch Bets

Each of the bookies listed above features a main Overwatch tournament. You can expect solid all-around coverage and plentiful betting options.

Overwatch Betting
Betting Odds

Betting odds are one of the key characteristics of all bookies out there. You should always aim high, and that's exactly what you can expect from the bookies we listed above.

Bonus Programs

If you are interested in free bets, bonus deposit money, and various other bonus programs, chances are the above-listed bookies might be worth your time!

Special Bets

Many people prefer special instead of regular match-winner bets. If you're one of them, don't look any further because all these bookies are known for a wide array of options.


Every single one of these bookies has good online reviews and have already built themselves a good reputation in the industry. In other words - you can trust them!


Bookies are supposed to be gorgeous yet simplistic, comprehensive yet easy to use. If they're complicated and hard to navigate, they are not on this list, we guarantee!

Differences Between Betting on Overwatch and Other Esports

Considering the fact that Overwatch is such a unique game, it's no wonder betting on it has a massive difference in contrast to other esports. The game is played at a very fast pace and combines both Multiplayer Online Battle Arena and First Person Shooter influences that make it a wonder to watch and bet on.

MOBA Influence

This is best portrayed by the various skills and abilities that are present in the game. There are also different characters with different traits and in-game roles. Characters need to play as a team and compete with their opponents next to global objectives to take the win home.

FPS Influence

FPS influence is easily recognizable as soon as you see what Overwatch gameplay looks like. First clue - the game is played in first-person perspective. Also, you can shoot. And that's pretty much the basic definition of FPS games. Classic FPS modes are present as well but in a camouflaged, new-age fashion.

Overwatch Betting | How to Bet on Overwatch

Betting on Overwatch is as simple as betting on virtually any other esports franchise out there. Yes, the basis of being a good Overwatch bettor is good general knowledge about the game. If you already have this (if you're actively playing the game and follow the competitive scene), then you're already well ahead in this race.

The next thing you have to do is research the best Overwatch betting sites to find your perfect fit. It can be a troublesome task so make sure you do your research before creating an account. Feel free to scroll up until you reach our list of the best Overwatch betting sites. It's a good starting point; there's no doubt about it!

Overwatch Betting

Stay up to Date with Team Rosters

We can't stress this one enough - make sure you do your research as far as team transfers are concerned. It's not as complicated as it might sound. You see, Overwatch League has strict rules for team transfers meaning teams can't trade all the time. Use this to your advantage and stay up to date with team rosters. Being knowledgeable is the key to increasing your win percentage!

Is Overwatch Betting Profitable?

Well, honestly speaking, it all depends on your betting experience and Overwatch knowledge. You can't expect to make a living out of betting on Overwatch without knowing the game or at least being a seasoned bettor.

As far as the actual game and the betting community surrounding it is concerned, Overwatch is looking absolutely dashing. With the booming success of Overwatch League, bookies are noticing the potential and will surely expand their markets pretty soon. Everything else is up to you - play the game, watch the tournaments, and start creating your betting strategy.

Special Bets in Overwatch

Special bets in Overwatch aren't that well established like with other popular esports including LoL and CS:GO. Keep in mind we are still talking about a game with relatively new esports presence. It will continue to develop which means we will definitely see the special bets market expand in the near future.

With that being said, there still are a few Overwatch-specific bets to talk about. Let's check them out, shall we?

Total Maps Over/Under

This type of special bets is only available with matches that are played as Bo3 (best of), Bo5, or Bo7 series. You're given a map decimal on which you're supposed to bet over or under. For example, in a best of 5 scenario, the bet is called "team 1 vs. team 2 total maps over/under 3.5." If you bet under, the end result needs to be 3-0; otherwise, you'll lose the bet.

Correct Score

This bet is pretty self-explanatory - you are supposed to bet on the correct score at the end of the match. So, not only do you need to nail the winning team but the correct match score as well. It's more difficult to get right than regular bets (or total maps over/under for that matter) but the odds are reflecting that properly.


This is another Overwatch special bet type that's also present in the world of regular sports too. Handicap refers to a certain artificial advantage given to the underdogs. Let's use football teams to understand this better. The match is Barcelona vs. Getafe. Obviously, Barcelona is the heavy favorite, and thus, Barcelona's winning wager will have very low odds. However, if you bet on Barcelona handicap -1, the odds will be higher, but the match will kick off with the artificial handicap score of 0-1 for Getafe.

Why is Overwatch so Popular These Days?

As we mentioned earlier, Overwatch is enjoying a massive increase in popularity after a not-so-great start. But why is that? Well, here are two reasons that we believe play key roles behind the popularity of Overwatch:

Franchising Works

Franchising is going to get more popular in esports now that everyone has seen the success of Overwatch. Just watch - we guarantee there will be another AAA esports title in the coming years with aspirations toward franchising.

It's all due to the fact that esports are somewhat alienated in terms of regions, countries, and cities. For instance, the majority of football, handball, basketball, etc. teams have their origin city in their team name. The same goes for NBA, NHL, or NFL teams. The perfect examples would be teams such as Manchester United, Cleveland Cavaliers, and New York Giants. But what does this do?

Well, it gives fans a sense of unity with their hometown teams and thus provides them with something to cheer for. Even though the likes of the teams mentioned above don't really have that many hometown talents in their squads anymore, they are still adored by the people back home. It's an invisible connection (some would call it local patriotism) that brings fans closer to the game, and that's exactly what Overwatch League is doing.

Just think about this for a second - London Spitfire doesn't have a single London-born player. It's not just players though, none of their coaching staff or team management positions are either. Yet, when you give a list of teams competing in the OL and ask them to pick their favorites, needless to say, they will all go with Spitfire.

Overwatch London Spitfire

Top Tier Graphical Presentation

Fortnite, one of the hottest games of 2018, is known for its cartoony style with colorful characters and environment. While Overwatch has much of the same traits as Fortnite, it has a slightly more serious tone to it; as if the game wants us to think it's meant for an older audience.

With that said, it could prove to be true that a part of Overwatch's sudden popularity lies in its graphical design. After all, colorful and cartoony-styled games seem to be trendy nowadays, with Fortnite being the perfect example. Add to that a variety of skins and an easy-to-navigate interface, and you will soon realize Overwatch has no faults as far as presentation is concerned.

Talking about presentation, let's not forget about the fact Overwatch is the perfect mixture of the most popular esports genres - MOBA and FPS. Taking the best things from both and forming it into a graphically astonishing piece makes it a fan favorite all day long.

Biggest Event(s) in an Overwatch Competitive Season

Even though it's not the only one, Overwatch League is definitely the tournament in Overwatch. What The International is to Dota 2 and what World Championship is to LoL, Overwatch League is for Overwatch. So, let's take a closer look and see what's it all about!

Overwatch League

Overwatch League (from now on OL) has an interesting concept. Even though it's unique in the world of competitive esports, regular sports have made it a part of their identity a long time ago. Of course, we are referring to franchising. It's most popular in the states with the likes of NHL, NFL, and NBA teams all focusing their businesses on franchising.

The same thing goes for Overwatch. Blizzard opted for franchising, and the rest is history. With OL Inaugural Season already in the records, it's safe to say Blizzard made a good decision. OL Inaugural Season Playoffs featured a whopping $1,700,000 in total prize pool money with $1,000,000 going to the winner. Figures speak for themselves - OL is a force to be reckoned with in the esports world!

The Best Overwatch Betting Sites | Summary

It's not that difficult to find a proper esports betting site if you know where to look for it. We hope our handpicked list will give you a few good suggestions and that you will at least check them out. Who knows, maybe one of them becomes your go-to bookie from now on. With those words, we'd like to end the article right here. Thank you all for reading, and we hope to see you again soon!

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