A Comprehensive Review of Casumo Casino

For once, we're going to start with our bottom line at the beginning of our review. Casumo Online Casino is lightyears different from anything we've seen on the web before. Sometimes different is not a good thing in a tried and true industry, but in the case of Casumo, it actually seems like they've put a pretty cool spin on things. Yes, that was a slot machine pun.

Live Dealer Games
Casino Games
Up to €1,200 in Welcome Bonuses
Cashouts in 1 - 3 Days
Licensed through the UK and Malta

Casumo has taken the casino game and slot experience and blended it beautifully with an outer space themed adventure style interactive gaming experience. As a player, you're not just playing your favorite casino games or slots, but you're also engaged in completing missions and unlocking bonuses and rewards as you trek through their fictitious universe. The whole interconnectivity of the idea and the games is actually, well, pretty fun.

In this review, we'll dig into this concept with more details as well as review the rest of the site to help you get a more informed idea of what they have to offer and if it's safe to play there. As with all of our reviews, we're not here to "sell you" on a particular site. We're not going to pump you full of space flowers and false positives, but we're going to give you a fair and honest review of the site. Otherwise, what's the point of reading any further?

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Ratings Breakdown


Casumo was probably the closest that one of our reviews has gotten to getting five out of five stars. They may actually get there one day as the reasons we docked points were for small and easily fixable things that don't really have a huge effect on the user experience. Outside of these small things, the site was incredible! Their adventure style games and theme that runs through the entire site is something we've never seen before and it highly appealing. Truly, the designers of this site had fun in mind when they put everything together and really took advantage of creativity and technology to accomplish this. Banking is on point with tons of easy to use options, and the bonus program is innovative and refreshingly different. We guess if we had to pick one word to describe the Casumo Casino, it would be refreshing.

Game Variety

We struggled a bit to review this section as it was hard to see what games were available without going through the account creation process. Initially, it looked like the game selection was weak because of what is listed, but upon further review, they actually have an extensive amount of games to choose from that are also from the top providers in the industry. This is why we took them from a three star to a four star. Had this been easier to figure out, we probably would have given them a five star especially because they have really cool challenges and a story-type game that runs throughout the entire site. We break this down below.

"At Casumo you will find over 300 casino games from the best providers in the industry. We have top titles like Starburst, Gonzo's Quest and Pharaoh's Fortune, major jackpot games like Mega Fortune, Hall of Gods and Arabian Nights, and much more."


Tons of different options and most importantly, they are laid out easily for you to understand. There's nothing like trying to deposit or withdraw and having absolutely no idea what you can or can't do because the site information isn't clear. Withdrawal times look great, and the minimum withdrawal is also significantly lower than you see at a lot of other online casinos. This is great news if you're a smaller stakes player.


The site offers a welcome deposit bonus on your first five deposits which are pretty cool if you ask us. This way you can put a few bucks on to try the site out without losing the ability to take advantage of your bonus. Some sites only allow you to claim this on your first deposit which is a bummer if you want to try things out first before putting a lot of coin on the site. The site also has several bonuses and freebies that you will get for running through the adventure stories that are offered. These are really cool and an awesomely creative spin on things. The only reason we took a half point off is that a few of the bonuses you have to opt-in to. The site makes this very straightforward and easy to do, but we wish they would just give it to you no matter if you opted in or not. Seriously, who is going to opt-out of free money?

Customer Service

Great customer service for email and for live chat which is conveniently available 24/7. We also want to point out that this site had significantly more positive reviews of their chat team than a lot of the other sites we've reviewed. The only reason for the lost point is that they don't offer phone support. While this is not necessary especially with exceptional email and live chat support, we still would like to see it as it becomes more and more standard in the industry.

User Interface

This is another category that with one small change we'd be happily giving the site a five-star review. The interface looks amazing, and the creative adventure-like feel is different, and a refreshing change of pace from the overused James Bond type dark look. You can tell by looking at the site, and the setup that they did not skimp on designers and they're definitely keeping everything current and flashy. The reason for the docked point was our issue in finding all of the games, at least before creating an account. We would have liked to see a comprehensive list of these prominently placed on the site. It's a bit odd that they didn't especially because all of their games are from the top game designers and should be something they would want to show off. Fix this, and this is a home run. Everything else on the user interface is incredible.

Who Are They?

Casumo Online Casino opened their doors back in early 2012 with the clear intent of creating a different type of gaming experience. When we first logged into the site, our first thoughts were, "Whoa, this looks weird." To be completely transparent, we thought initially that the site was going to be terrible because it didn't have that "James Bond," all black website, casino type feel. Thankfully, we dug a bit deeper, and it didn't take long to realize that was on purpose and for a good reason.

The best way we can describe what they've done is to say they mixed those super addictive Facebook or app style adventure games with the fun and excitement of the casino experience. When you join Casumo, you're instantly transported to a far away galaxy where you stay for the duration of your time on the site. While playing your favorite games, you are also completing missions and challenges to unlock trophies, new planets, and other bonuses and rewards. With each of these completed missions, you'll be rewarded with bonus spins or free cash for your troubles. 'Troubles' is definitely the wrong word, though, because the missions and challenges are downright fun.

The storyline portion of the site is broken down into two areas that work hand in hand - The Adventure and The Challenges.

The Adventure

The adventure at Casumo is the underlying story line that you are following along with your entire time at the casino. It takes place in outer space in a galaxy far, far away. Your progress on the site is tracked by a progress bar that grows as you accumulate points through playing at the casino. The more time and energy that you spend on the site, the further into the adventure, you will get. As you move up the levels, the rewards, and bonuses that you can win increase. You'll also be rewarded with belts, trophies, and valuables.

Belts represent your skill level at Casumo, much like in martial arts. The better the belt level you have, the better your chances of getting rewards at each level.

Trophies are things you earn for completing certain tasks and challenges on the site. They can either be hidden or displayed publicly. From our research, it looks like you don't get much of anything from earning these except bragging rights.

Valuables are the rewards that you earn from all of your play on Casumo. These can be free spins, deposit bonuses, or free cash. They don't automatically apply, so you'll have to click on the valuables tab and select to use them. Don't worry, though, you don't lose them, or they don't expire or anything like that.

The Challenges

Challenges on Casumo are the missions where you are trying to complete a certain task in a limited period of time. Typically, you are competing against other players to complete these in the shortest amount of time or shortest number of spins. These are completely free top opt into and are just an added bonus for playing on the site. Most of them also have prizes and bonuses for a lot of players (like top 30), so it's not really as competitive as you might think. This is definitely a bonus as it means they're much easier to win.

There are five various mission types in a challenge:

  • Total Spins - You're looking to spin a certain number of times in any slot to complete the mission.
  • Total Wins - You're looking to win a certain number of times to complete the mission.
  • Total Wins in a Row - You're looking to win a certain number of times in a row to complete the mission.
  • Total Big Wins - You're looking to collect a certain number of Big Wins to complete the mission.
  • Total Mega Wins - You're looking to collect a certain number of Mega Wins to complete the mission.
Licensing and Fair Gaming

Casumo is currently licensed through the United Kingdom as well as through Malta where their headquarters are located. The random number generator used by Casumo Online Casino is certified by a third party, and the same one is used for the free money games as well as the real money games. All connections on Casumo are sent over SSL, and their payment processing is all PCI compliant.

It's nice to see the licensing through the United Kingdom as well as the other precautions they have taken from a technical standpoint to protect players. Most sites these days use SSL and are PCI compliant, but it's still nice to see the site point it out. It does give a little peace of mind that they are paying attention to these things and actually have a clue at what they're talking about. We can't tell you how many times an online casino will respond to questions about their security with, " Don't worry! We safe! We love securities!" That will really put you at ease. Insert eye roll.


Slots are clearly the main aim of the Casumo Online Casino. All of their adventures and challenges seem to be based on the slots, though; you still earn points from the table games from what we see. When we started looking for the variety and quality of the games offered, we saw some things we liked and some things that could be improved on.

Let's start with what we liked. The quality of the games offered is incredible. These aren't games invented by some random person in their garage, but they're actually popular games from major game creators like IGT, Microgaming, and Thunderkick. This is a huge plus as it means the games are going to be high quality and provide a great gaming experience. Part of the reason you play online is to get the same fun experience you would get from a live casino without having to leave your house. If you can't play the same games that you could in the casino, what's the point?

The site also has some great explanations of how the games work and anything else you'd ever want to know about the games you are playing. Personally, this is a big plus as a lot of times slots aren't as much fun when you don't exactly know what's going on or what you are rooting for to happen.

The area we were a bit confused and not sure exactly what needs to be improved was the game variety. We aren't sure if Casumo needs to update their listings or if they just have a smaller selection of games than some casinos online. We'll explain what we mean. When we went to the game browser, we saw 19 different slot games listed. This is actually a decent number of choices, but still less than a lot of other sites we've looked at. What confused us, though, is that on other parts of the site we saw game examples listed that weren't showing up on this browser list. We also saw a lot of other reviews stating that the site had over 300 different slot machines to choose from.

What we think is going on is that the game browser needs to be updated. It's possible, and probably more likely that there is an internal way to see all of the game choices. Still, we're going to mark this as an area the site could use some improvement on until we see otherwise.

UPDATE: We found this direct quote from the Casumo website that shows we are correct that the game browser just needs to be updated.

"At Casumo you will find over 300 casino games from the best providers in the industry. We have top titles like Starburst, Gonzo's Quest and Pharaoh's Fortune, major jackpot games like Mega Fortune, Hall of Gods and Arabian Nights, and much more."

One thing that was really cool was that you were able to play the slots for free play without ever creating an account or inputting any information. We may or may not have been distracted from this review for a while playing them.

Casino Games

We encountered the same issue that we had with the slots with the casino games at Casumo. Reports are that they have 50+ table games and live games, but we only saw five listed in the games browser. As we stated earlier, it probably just means they need to update their outward facing game browser. It's entirely possible that they are using a different game browser for logged in players versus players that are not logged in. This means that you'll need to create an account to make sure that they have the game you want to play. Judging by what we found regarding slots, it's more than likely that they have every table or casino game you could want and more. We don't think we could even name 50 different games right now if we tried.

Banking Options


Casumo has several different PCI compliant deposit options for you to fund your accounts. Here are the available options along with the wait times and fees associated.


Fee: 2.5%

Pending Time: Instant


Fee: 2.5%

Pending Time: Instant


Fee: None

Pending Time: Instant


Fee: None

Pending Time: Instant

Bank Wire

Fee: None

Pending Time: 1 - 3 Business Days


Fee: None

Pending Time: Instant

Overall, we are pleased with the different deposit options available at Casumo. The fee on the card deposits is not desired, but we can understand as there are fees associated. What we recommend you do if you are going to deposit with a card is to just open an account with one of the other e-wallets (Neteller, Skrill, or Paysafe) and deposit into those with your card and then deposit onto the site. Some people also prefer this, so they don't have to provide their banking information to several different sites online. Neteller and Skrill are accepted just about anywhere online.


The minimum withdrawal at Casumo is €10. The one thing we really like about the withdrawal methods is that there are no fees for any of the methods available. We've included a list of the available methods as well as any associated wait times. Keep in mind that like with any online site, these times are after the site has approved the withdrawal. Casumo does guarantee that all withdrawals will be processed in under 72 hours, but usually much shorter time.

Just to elaborate a bit more, so you're clear on this, take a look at Skrill below. It says that your withdrawal will be available in your account instantly after approval. This does not mean that as soon as you click the withdraw button, your money will be in your Skrill account. It means that once you click withdraw, the withdrawal is sent to the payouts department for review. Once they receive it and review it, it will be instantly put into your account. They guarantee that this review process will take no longer than 72 hours (3 days). From what we've heard, this is usually an under promise and over deliver type situation. Most withdrawals are reviewed and processed in under the 72-hour time frame.


Fee: None

Pending Time: 1-3 business days after approval


Fee: None

Pending Time: Instantly after approval


Fee: None

Pending Time: Instantly after approval

Bank Wire

Fee: None

Pending Time: 1-3 business days after approval

Overall, we're pretty pleased with the withdrawals from Casumo and our research into forums, and customer reports show that they are extremely reliable and stick to the above timetables. This is a HUGE win in the online gambling arena.

All banking is available in Euros or Pounds, whichever you prefer.

Bonus Promotions

As we've already touched on earlier, Casumo really tries to go above and beyond with the bonuses and tying them into the overall adventure game concept. This presents some great benefits or things you might not be a huge fan of depending on your personal preferences.

Some people like extremely straight forward and for lack of a better word, boring, bonus programs. They like programs where you earn points and turn them in for cash, and that's the end of the story. If that is you, you may not be a huge fan of Casumo Online Casino. If you're a fan of innovative and creative bonus structures, Casumo hits the ball out of the park.

Welcome Bonuses

For welcome bonuses, they do have a straight forward type program with match bonuses as well as free spins. Here are the details on that:

1st Deposit 200% bonus (max bonus €50) and 200 free spins (20 per day the following 9 days)
2nd Deposit 50% deposit bonus (€150 max bonus)
3rd Deposit 50% deposit bonus (€200 max bonus)
4th Deposit 25% deposit bonus (€400 max bonus)
5th Deposit 25% deposit bonus (€400 max bonus)

Make sure to check through their terms and conditions so that you get all the information on cash outs, playthrough requirements, etc.

Remember, to activate your free spins you will need to go to the valuables tab of your account and select them. As is the industry standard, you will have to play through your bonus to fully unlock it. Nothing out of the ordinary, but we just want to be fully inclusive.

Also, if you are looking to deposit a higher amount of money than is covered by the first deposit bonus, we recommend making multiple deposits to get the most bang for your buck. If you are only depositing less than €50, no need to worry about this as you will be getting the max. Let's say, though, you want to deposit €300. You should deposit €50 first to max out the first deposit and then deposit €150 to max out the second bonus and then deposit your remaining funds to take advantage of the third bonus. It's a bit of extra work, but it gets you a ton of free bonus money.

In-Game Bonuses

These are the bonuses that take the cake for creativity and innovation. These bonuses are rewarded as you make your way through the adventure storyline of the website. This will involve completing challenges or simply filling up the progress bar to get to a new planet. In reality, it's quite similar to a lot of other VIP type programs except it has the added flair of the storyline and interesting delivery mediums. Instead of just getting cash, you can get cash, free spins, or deposit bonuses.

The site also runs slot tournaments and other interesting promotions on top of what we have already listed that depend on what is currently going on. The one thing we like about the site is that it does organize this information into the valuables section of your dashboard quite well. Remember, the challenges do require you to opt into them but are still completely free. Make sure that whichever site you decide to join that you take the time to look through all the bonus material and promotions to make sure you are taking full advantage of everything available to you.

Customer Support

Customer support seems to be pretty top-notch from everything we've read and reviewed. It looks like response times are quick and that the support staff actually knows what they're doing. This is unlike a lot of sites where you have to escalate your issue up 80 different levels until you get to someone who knows what they are talking about.

Customer support at Casumo is also available 24/7 via live chat or through email if that is the medium you prefer. Judging by the wording and layout of their site, we can see why their chat support gets great reviews and is an overall positive experience. The site does not offer phone support from what we see, but all reports show that live chat and email support are super fast.


The bottom line we led off with was the Casumo Online Casino was "lightyears different from anything we've seen on the web before." Their innovative approach to merging the casino and slot experience with an adventure game style experience makes for something we really haven't seen before. We did see some confusion when it came to game choice, but most likely this is just an issue of needing to update their outward facing game guide. The quality of the games they do offer is top-notch and from extremely reputable gaming companies. You're not getting random games that are built in some person's basement, but you're getting actual games that you would see in a live casino setting.

Overall, we were initially not expecting much from Casumo, but were a bit blown away by the innovative and creative product they have created. This site is definitely not going to be for everyone, but we recommend you at least give it a try to see if you like it. If you're someone who likes slots and table games, but also likes games, adventures, and creativity, Casumo Online Casino may be perfect for you.

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